Recipe for decision making

So today somebody asked in my hangout message the following question:
Here goes my answer…

Step 1: You have to know the options first… Clearly all the options

Step 2: Know your priorities… Short term, long term both

Step 3: Know the risks

Step 4: Decide the option that matches with long term goals. Short term goals must follow the long term goals so obviously these two will overlap… Choose multiple top options

Step 5: based on risks eliminate the options one by one… You will remain with single option may be… So thats your decision 🙂

Step 6: Once decided then stay with it, don’t think of it about any other option after that… Never try to judge again whether it was wrong and there might be some other option which would have worked better.
After something is decided:
  • Sometimes even the right and perfect decisions fail because of bad execution.
  • Sometimes a wrong decision may work very well in real life because of good execution
  • Also believe there is something called luck, even if you have chosen the right decision it may not work because things around you may change
  • Another parameter there is time. Sometimes right decision may fail because with time other circumstances have changed. So why bother? Just keep confident with your decision.

2 thoughts on “Recipe for decision making

  1. Great article there…totally on point stuff…if I may state my opinion…Shouldn’t the line
    [Here hoes my answer…] be
    Here ‘g’oes my answer…?

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