Campus life vs Job life in Bangladesh for Engineers

Let me give you  the context first. I grew up in Bangladesh, here profession isn’t something you choose that you like or it isn’t something that you are good at. Here parents/family and society makes you to choose something by force as a profession. Since it was an underdeveloped country and then becoming developing country recently, people try to avoid risks and that why they used to choose the profession that have highly paid job. This is why Medical Doctor, Engineering and Law are some of the most common profession that parents force their child to choose. Whether that is right or not may be we can discuss about that later.

Since all of the students in Engineering schools aren’t in Engineering by choice but rather by the reason of choosing the proud and safer way to do private job, the approach for students in campus life very less often surround with engineering but more often with other activities. This is why I would like to take my last 8 years experience after leaving campus for profession.

Here are some experiences and observations…

0) If you are very good at what you do, academic subjects, CGPA and job market doesn’t matter

1) Students who were very fun loving didn’t care about academic at all are the most of the cased the depressed ones, Students who were very fun loving but active with minimum level basic study are the successful ones

2) With same job and same facilities some are so happy and some are unhappy because of their expectation level.

3) Friends who were involved in co-curricular activities most are at abroad now, however those who were involved in extra curricular activities are trying to hide their face(some exceptions are there)

4) Regardless of current occupation, those who were academically sound are at least having prestigious job.

5) All hardworking friends and juniors are having good time with their profession

6) For CSE students, good and competitive programmers ultimately shine.

7) Those who kept working on same job field are having steady job compared to others.

8 ) The ones who had hard time at the beginning of their job life but still pursue it are the successful ones.

9) Those who had very high paid job aren’t always the ones with happy face in the end. Instead those who started with small but had consistent growth have better life now.

10) Those who were good with communication skill are winner most of the cases but those who were show off type are trying to hide themselves now.

11) Not everyone who are in abroad are happy with life compared to the one in Bangladesh.

N.B: This is a general listing from experience around me, you may have different example and exceptions around… I am totally fine with that 


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