Learning…(not refined)

I have this self made moto for my life
“If you learn how to learn you can learn anything”
I have this very close friend of mine who asked me about the insight of this moto. Also if I am able to tell him how to have this general learning rule….
From my current position I feel I don’t know how to learn that much efficiently, but I always feel that learning process can be generalized in some way or… may be… it can be put in some patterns most of the cases(of course there will be exceptions). So I had meeting with my employees/team members at UBITRIX. I asked them about how they learn and if we can find some common patters. Here is the outcome of our discussion.

Learning Tools

Youtube: Good for practical application usage learning, how to etc. Not good for abstract learning programming skills.
Online University: Good for skills to add to CV. Time consuming so unless that skill is very useful and applicable don’t go for online university.
Basics from Documentation: Learning can be done from reading documentation. Often this is the best way. But it is time consuming and not good for application level learning since documentation covers everything.
Stackoverflow: Good for quick learning

Learning Steps for Beginning:

– Know what it is first
– See from application level how to apply it, not how to learn it first
– Find motivation: find how can you apply it to your application or the particular problem you are trying to solve.
– Finding loopholes: See if there is anything required prior learning this. Otherwise if at every step you have to learn something additional you may get defocused
– Connected skills: It is always better to learn skills that are connected to your already learned skills. It will help you to learn quickly.
– Start with hello world then add flavor to it
– Breaking up learning to steps
– Following best every point to point can be good for next steps

Advanced Learning:

– Stackoverflow often not helpful for advanced learning
– Reading documentation is good for advanced learning
– Follow top bloggers


– While searching for solution best to search in google
– Keep believe that google has it, don’t think it’s not there. Think you are not able to find it.
– While searching don’t include ‘in’ ‘for’ ‘of’ ‘and’ etc common words. There words are common in all pages. IT just slow down possibility
– Use right keyword: Many cases we don’t use right keyword for what we are searching for. This results in not showing the right result
– Adding category or domain word: Sometimes similar wording have different meaning and application. Searchign will sometimes bring the other domain of information than what we are looking for. For these cases it is better adding a category or domain keyword. For example for movie search add ‘movie’ keyword.
– For programming language or tools, Instead of learning everything at once, it is better taking small step to learn and then apply it in parallel, it will help building confidence

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