Becoming good at Networking

There is a professional facebook group for job seeker and final year students. On this group someone posted on how to be good at networking. While I like the post I thought I should add some of my tips there as well that might be helpful for others. Here is my comment, I am putting it without any modifications.

How Important Networking Is?

1) Of all of my 3 professional job in Bangladesh, I no where applied personally, instead someone else informed them about me and they called me
2) In all job interviews in Bangladesh and even in Amazon com, USA… instead of having direct fixed question based interview, we continued with friendly conversation about pros and cons
3) 80% of my business dealings come from personal contact instead of finding it myself
4) My one project client invites new client for me
5) I even got job offer while visiting patients in a hospital

Tips on how to be good at networking…

  1. Keep smile on face… No body likes a rude face… You see, just looking at a smily face sometimes make you happy 
  2. Let them talk to you… sometimes out of excitement while meeting someone people talk so much… Let the other party talk… Talk back slowly along with it softly… Let them finish… It will help them to feel that you are friendly and harmless
  3. Find common interest… When they talk if you find any common interest talk back. You see our parental generation used to do that asking “Apnar bari kothai?”… That is how you find a common ground or at least a start point to talk… Don’t use it these days though. It became lame in our generation 
  4. Keep it simple… Keep in mind that other person is a human, don’t give pam… Giving excessive praise make them feel that you are saying those to get advantages.
  5. Be positive… You know successful people doesn’t like to talk about problems… They like solution. If you are talking to them, talk about good things and positive things. They will find that you are problem solver, so next time they are in problems related to you, it may remind them about you.
  6. Posture… It is very important that you keep a confident and strong posture while talking to them. Don’t let them feel that you are below their level. Even while talking to a senate level official I kept that confidence level. It will let them feel that you are a well mannered person.
  7. Don’t make it too loud… seeking attention is a good thing… It works most of the cases… Learn that from girls, they are good at it  But be careful not to overdo it… It doesn’t feel good
  8. Have a purpose… Do not just say “Hi” say at least a single sentence following it. It help other person to engage… Just imagine if someone stops you on the road and say Hi then walk away… How would you feel
  9. Develop communication skill… Networking always requires good communication skill. You can easily learn that from Youtube vloggers.



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