Palliative care of cancer patients

This project is developed for the cancer patients in developing countries. A study shows about 75% of the cancer patients in the developing countries get cured from their breast cancer whereas in a developing country like bangladesh 90% of the cancer patients accepts death. This difference is because of lack of patient communication with doctors, social awareness. According to WHO death rate of cancer patients can be reduced by early detection, availability of resources and effective treatment.

In this project patients updated their daily information to doctors and doctors can give feed back directly to the patients. Thus availability of resources and effective treatment is directly provided to the patients.

Platform: J2ME [Nokia mobile technology]

  • IMEI Based login
  • Data communication through webservice with tomcat server
  • Camera image uploading system
  • Video player and play log

A website i provided for the doctors to monitor patients data. Where doctors can overview several symptoms of a patient. It is also possible to compare two patients under same medicaion


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