My IOS/iPhone Development learning

While working in United States I found it is mandatory learning iPhone development. Also people around really appreciate and encourage you if you can make a nice iPhone app(I donno why, may be because they love Steve Jobs very much).

Searching for tutorial resource:
As I always do to learn anything I took help from google. I found most of the help topics are coming from apples developer site Unfortunately I don’t have much time to go through their steps. Or maybe I am so dumb understanding things in their way. So I start searching again then BINGO!! I found the ways it is most helpful is youtube channels.

I really like the thenewboston channel. This guy really makes the tutorial with fun also the most important thing is that his english is his speech is so easy to understand. Don’t get confused there tutorials in the channel other than iPhone too. So you can start from here

Learning XCODE syntax:
After completing the youtube channel part I got a feeling like “well I have did the way they showed, but how can I do it in my way?”. To search the answer I figured out that actually this is because lack of my knowledge about xcode. So I started searching how I can learn xcode syntax quickly? Then I found something about that.

Exploring iOS Library:
So whatever you have learned to work with iPhone you must have knowledge about iPhone library and Framework. For this resources you don’t need to go any where else. Just go to

For further learning just go to youtube first and search with your topic. If can’t find it in youtube you are unlucky. So ask Mr. Google about that 🙂


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