I don’t need any offline software any more

I am excited, I am really excited to share this with you. I think many of you also will agree with me. Also many people would say we already know about it. Ok, I understand this is not a good introduction. Actually I want to share with you some webapplications that will really make you to feel like that you don’t need and offline software and disk space.

If you want to work for any official or unofficial work word processing software is must. You have mange you documents, spreadsheets, presentations and lots of things. We also need to share them in some cases. Now the question comes,
if I use one PC at my home and use another at office how could I use the same file?!
if I want to use a word processing software do I need to install it every PC I am using?!!
do I have to purchase a word processing software for my smart device too?!!!
Oh I am tired, I don’t want to purchase and install so many times. For this problem these online word processing softwares are the solution.

Dropbox!!! I really like their service. It is the simple and best solution. The thing that makes it most powerful is its platform independence. You can install dropbox in any platform. Also if you don’t have any time to install it, you can simply download your files by web login in the dropbox website. Just try it, experience how easy and simple the software is.

Did you meant photoshop?!!! ow man are you kidding?
Nop, I didn’t meant photoshop. Of course not, but actually it serves the purpose. Yes you can edit your photos like photoshop through your webbrowser. Ya its true and its there. There are many of them but I have to choose the best. I’ll go for pixlr.

This is actually not for me. Its for the CIVIL, MECHANICAL or ARCHITECTURAL engineers. But I really like it because its really great to have the enormous functionality through your browser. Also it is provided by autodesk company. I believe if you visit the site you will also become amazed. This webservice actually proves how strong a webservice can be.

It is an editor for snippets build from HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Coderun for c#

If you are a project manager or designer or research specialist or whatever for a good planning and explanation diagram designer is essentials. I found online diagram designers are quite smart in this case. Two good examples are http://frevvo.com/frevvo/web/static/home and Gliffy

Online screen capture software screener

There are lots of flash games. Do I need to mention them?!!! no no. It is online 3D games. It is kind of game that I like most. The strategic games. Most of the strategic game lovers love C&C very much. They have their latest release as online service. This version is named as Command and Conquer Alliances – Home there are also some free online 3D games. For example you can try Divine General . Sorry I for sharing only strategic games. Actually when talking about games I automatically think of strategic game always.


You can have some more tools onilne(Actually through your browser)



6 thoughts on “I don’t need any offline software any more

    1. Yes, I am almost switched to the online version for all of my purposes. Soon I’ll post another article about some more interesting online tools for developers.

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