Recipe for decision making

So today somebody asked in my hangout message the following question:
Here goes my answer…

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Conquering context switching…

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 2.15.46 PM

So today some of my junior friend posted this on Facebook. “Ho do you avoid (or conquer) context switching overhead?”

To give you the context of the scenario here the guy who posted this question is a PHD researcher in Computer Science Virginia Tech University in USA. If you are working in computer science related field, it is very common that you have so many projects to handle together and obviously you have to switch between multiple projects in a single day.

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Campus life vs Job life in Bangladesh for Engineers

Let me give you  the context first. I grew up in Bangladesh, here profession isn’t something you choose that you like or it isn’t something that you are good at. Here parents/family and society makes you to choose something by force as a profession. Since it was an underdeveloped country and then becoming developing country recently, people try to avoid risks and that why they used to choose the profession that have highly paid job. This is why Medical Doctor, Engineering and Law are some of the most common profession that parents force their child to choose. Whether that is right or not may be we can discuss about that later.

Since all of the students in Engineering schools aren’t in Engineering by choice but rather by the reason of choosing the proud and safer way to do private job, the approach for students in campus life very less often surround with engineering but more often with other activities. This is why I would like to take my last 8 years experience after leaving campus for profession.

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Learning…(not refined)

I have this self made moto for my life
“If you learn how to learn you can learn anything”
I have this very close friend of mine who asked me about the insight of this moto. Also if I am able to tell him how to have this general learning rule….
From my current position I feel I don’t know how to learn that much efficiently, but I always feel that learning process can be generalized in some way or… may be… it can be put in some patterns most of the cases(of course there will be exceptions). So I had meeting with my employees/team members at UBITRIX. I asked them about how they learn and if we can find some common patters. Here is the outcome of our discussion.

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Palliative care of cancer patients

This project is developed for the cancer patients in developing countries. A study shows about 75% of the cancer patients in the developing countries get cured from their breast cancer whereas in a developing country like bangladesh 90% of the cancer patients accepts death. This difference is because of lack of patient communication with doctors, social awareness. According to WHO death rate of cancer patients can be reduced by early detection, availability of resources and effective treatment.

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My IOS/iPhone Development learning

While working in United States I found it is mandatory learning iPhone development. Also people around really appreciate and encourage you if you can make a nice iPhone app(I donno why, may be because they love Steve Jobs very much).

Searching for tutorial resource:
As I always do to learn anything I took help from google. I found most of the help topics are coming from apples developer site Unfortunately I don’t have much time to go through their steps. Or maybe I am so dumb understanding things in their way. So I start searching again then BINGO!! I found the ways it is most helpful is youtube channels.

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I don’t need any offline software any more

I am excited, I am really excited to share this with you. I think many of you also will agree with me. Also many people would say we already know about it. Ok, I understand this is not a good introduction. Actually I want to share with you some webapplications that will really make you to feel like that you don’t need and offline software and disk space.

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Managing Apache2 Server and Modules

Apache is a very strong and secure webserver. I think its not needed to explain the advantages of apache server. This post is actually for beginners. Configuring apache2 is little different than previous apache versions. Apache2 becomes more strong with more dependency on modules. Apache2 also makes the configuration a lot distributed. It makes apache more versatile and managable with lots of domain and sites in served by one server.

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